We work with non-profits, social enterprises, impact investing firms, foundations and philanthropic individuals that want to craft a powerful message. Whenever there is a need for quality media to serve a higher purpose, we're here to help.




Before any execution can begin, creating goal alignment and establishing an intelligent roadmap and timeline is imperative. Strategy work can include:




  • Client pipeline evaluation
  • Internal capacity building
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing/Branding audit
  • Communication audit
  • Content strategy
  • In-person brain storms
  • Public Relations strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Consensus building (among team, funders, distributors, etc.)
  • Anything else that would help lead to creating a strategic plan of action!



We are not just thinkers, we are also do-ers. Rather than sit on the sideline and simply deliver a plan, we'd prefer to work with you to execute against your strategic plan-- whether we created it or not. Implementation may include:



  • Media and material design and production (from newsletter drafting to pitch decks to video production)
  • Establishing client on-boarding process and all necessary materials/products

  • Creating client profiles/ user stories

  • Establishing partnerships and coalition-building

  • Client/investor community-building and engagement

  • Event production

  • Anything else you think needs to happen to get the job done!










Evaluation and Impact Reporting



We are practiced at designing methods that help provide tracking for you as your plan is implemented. Evaluation and Reporting services may include:






  • Web and/or social media analytics reporting

  • Client/investor surveying

  • Survey result analysis

  • Partnership result reporting

  • Social impact report drafting and design

  • Creation of dashboards or other digital tools that allow you and your team to understand how you're progressing towards your goals










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