"An emotional connection to storytelling is a uniquely persuasive force that impacts our knowledge, our attitudes and beliefs, and — often — our behaviors."


-TPI Inaugural Report June 2014

The effect media has on YOU, studied widely by academics, the advertising industry and public health professionals, carries potential for significant influence.  At Lindstrom Impact Strategies, we aim to ensure this influence is encouraging broader perspective, heightened self-awareness and compassionate (but also strategic) action. Whether you’re working on a social-justice documentary, the business plan for a social enterprise, a comedy TV series, a pitch deck, a webisode, an inforgraphic, a podcast, a newsletter, a website (the content and matieral list is ENDLESS) you are or will be impacting your audience with the design of your message. Let us help you make that impact as BIG and POSITIVE as possible.



best-in-class media +  social-good savvy = Lindstrom Impact Strategies

Lindstrom Impact Strategies is based in Los Angeles, CA


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